Alison Johnson

Alison lives in beautiful Warwickshire and has her studio in Coventry. Her work is both Vibrant and Atmospheric , with the power to express light and water in such stunningly accurate detail. Being able to show through abstract surrealism the natural world and by bringing a modern contemporariness, she has emerged as one of Britain's most revered artists in her field and can be affectionately compared to the great old masters , such as Turner....What a credit that is.

Her landscapes capture the long held tradition brooding skies and ethereal woods, taking us on a magical journey through enchanted lands.

Alison's ability to give an impression that there is a shape or a figure amongst the atmospheric landscapes is only dimmed by the feeling of an ever moving space and the world around you. Such is the feeling and atmosphere within her works, they can be seen as pure abstract which emanates luminescent and radiant beauty. The ability to show that movement through colour, light and balance is Alison's crowning glory , which allows her to be the wonderfully accomplished artist she is today.

With her enormous talent in being a modern day impressionist artist, she has been able to exhibit in many esteemed venues within the UK , Paris and Italy, soon to show in the Middle east....elevating her status ever more upon the international stage.