Home Office Art


Since Covid we have seen many clients working from home and creating workspaces and offices to spend there working day in.

Working from home can be a brilliant motivator for some people, but for others, it's an new world. Lines can quickly become blurred between work and life, which is why it's important to go into it with a plan.

While getting all of the right technology and equipment in place is key, it's equally as important to create a space for you to work in peace. 

Set some ground rules, try to stick to a routine, set rules for other members in the house, take regular breaks and make sure you get fresh air.  Maintain contact with work colleagues. 

Wall art in your home office can be done in many ways,  meaningful quotes, framed and mounted on your wall, can be a source of daily inspiration, and can communicate your drive and passion to colleagues and superiors.

Hanging photos or artwork from a local artist, family member, or friend in your office can be a great conversation piece, and can serve as a daily reminder about how lucky you are to live and work in such a vibrant, inspiring community. 

Display photos of the people and places that enrich your life, but do it in a set of matching frames and make the collection a work of art.
Use simple frames to display family photos in a office, looks fantastic and creates a great focal display with meaning. Framing Children's artwork can also create a unique piece of artwork that evokes great memories, and can also create a conversation piece, we see some amazing children's artwork https://www.facebook.com/www.contactusframing.co.uk/photos/a.928730017173779/2478040545576044

If you're looking to add some color and visual interest without hanging a lot of personal photographs, a set of canvas pieces like this one (available in several colors and designs) can add style and drama to an otherwise ordinary wall.
I also like that canvas wall art adds some depth to your wall, which can really change the look of your space. Etsy have some amazing original abstract canvas art that can be painted to match your office colour scheme, this can then be stretched onto canvas stretcher bars and float framed if required.